DC High Power Charger by Signet EV is subset certified!

DC High Power Charger by Signet EV is subset certified!

The OCPP 1.6 Certification program welcomes another subset certified Charging Station. The DC High Power Charger (HDP350K-NCM2), a product of Signet EV inc. has gotten its certification on June 3rd 2021.

An OCPP 1.6 certificate attests that a charging product successfully completed certification testing in conformance with the reference specification OCPP 1.6 – Edition 2. It gives producers, vendors and buyers of charging products the confirmation that the technology supports and is compatible with OCPP 1.6. You can find all certified products and/or companies with their certificates here. 

About Signet EV

Signet EV has various patents and patents acquired through continuous research and development related to electric energy charging. Signet is also a leader in advanced EVSE, offering a range of solutions including both level II AC and level III DC fast chargers. Based on technology, Signet EV builds infrastructure for eco-friendly electric vehicle charging on the global stage. 

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