India Smart Utility Week 2023

India Smart Utility Week 2023

The Open Charge Alliance is very delighted to join the India Smart Utility Week on February 28th! OCA's Lonneke Driessen will host a workshop on OCPP, open standards and the EV Ecosystem. Please visit the website of ISUW for more information and registration.

Session Background

Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) is an open data standard for communications between EV charging stations and the centralized software platform for real-time EV charging management and operations. A member-based association, Open Charge Alliance (OCA) in Netherlands manages OCPP development and interoperability testing. Over 220 EVSE manufacturers, aggregators, utilities, etc. have integrated their software platforms with OCPP versions 1.6 and 2.0.1. The OCPP has emerged as the industry’s de-facto standard for communication between a charging station and a charging station management system and is designed to accommodate any type of charging functions. It has been designed and developed to standardize the communications between an EV charge point and a central system used to operate and manage charge points. The communication standard is open and freely available to switch from the charging network without necessarily replacing all the charging stations. OCPP 1.6 includes smart charging support for load balancing. The most recent version, OCPP 2.0.1, includes support for ISO/IEC 15118 for communications with EVs. Future version of OCPP is designed to include bi-directional capabilities such as V2G and V2H. The session will introduce e-mobility, OCPP, and highlight features that are contextual to the Indian applications.

Workshop Topics

1. Electric Mobility Ecosystem and Grid Interoperability
2. Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) Standard – Origins, Features, and Development Roadmap
3. OCPP Functions for EV Charging Operations and Authorization and Payment Methods
4. Vehicle-Grid Integration (VGI) Services and Significance of OCPP for Interoperability
5. OCPP and Utility Control – Integration with IEC 62746-10-1, IEC 61850, ISO 15118, IEEE 1547 etc.
6. OCA Activities in the USA and Europe to Improve Uptime or Reliability of EV Chargers
7. OCPP and Bidirectional Power Transfer
8. OCPP and India – Market Adoption, Specific Requirements such as Pre-payment, Reliability, etc.
9. OCPP Testing and Certification Requirements: International Adoption and the new Testing Tool
10. OCPP Testing and Certification in India – Way Forward to Engage with OCA
11. Plugfests in India

The 9th edition ISUW 2023 is scheduled from 28 Feb – 04 March 2023 in New Delhi, India as an International Conference and Exhibition on Smart Energy and Smart Mobility. ISUW 2023 will include plenaries, interactive workshops, keynotes, technical sessions, technical paper presentations, tutorials and technical tours. 

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