Join now: OCPP Plugfest during Global EV Charging Test

Join now: OCPP Plugfest during Global EV Charging Test

Registration for the Plugfest is now closed!

It is still possible to register for the V2X Symposium (March 28th) only.
On March 28, 29 & 30th, ElaadNL, together with the Open Charge Alliance will host the Global EV Charging Test – V2X edition. This event will feature a symposium with leading experts on vehicle-to-grid on March 28th and an on site and online Plugfest for OCPP 2.0.1 & 1.6 on March 29 & 30.  
You can now register for the symposium and/or the plugfest.  

March 28: Global EV Charging Test – V2G symposium 

This symposium is free of charge for every attendee. Registration is required.  

The symposium will consist of presentations and demonstrations regarding vehicle-to-grid (V2G). ElaadNL and a host of international partners will share their findings on the subject. Key note speakers and presenters will be announced shortly.  

For more information, please visit:  

You can participate in the symposium by filling out the form below. 

March 29&30: OCPP 2.0.1 & 1.6 Plugfest 

Testing online from anywhere you want will be free of charge. Non-members who want to attend the live event in Arnhem  the Netherlands, can join us for an all-inn fee of €495,- (excl. VAT) per person. Testing on site in Arnhem will be free for OCA members.  

Please note: For participating in this Plugfest, you will need to do a check in first. This will take place on Tuesday the 14th and Wednesday the 15th. Without a succesful Check-In, you will not be able to participate!

Special Program

During the Symposium and the Plugfest, observers will get a chance to dive deeper into the following subjects in a side program with presentations, demonstrations and workshops:
  • OCPP1.6 vs 2.0.1
  • EMS & Routing workshop
  • V2X workshop
  • OCPP2.0.1 Certification program
  • Korea update incl. Mode 1/1 only whitepaper
  • OCTT experience
  • US update incl Uptime whitepaper
  • Cyber security
  • Home Energie Management system
  • Test lab Tour
  • OCPP regulation all around the world 

V2G congres and Plugfest registration

You can participate in the plugfest by filling out the registration form. 
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