New publication: OCPP & California Pricing Requirements

New publication: OCPP & California Pricing Requirements

The Open Charge Alliance has released the application note ‘OCPP & California Pricing Requirements’

This document explains the features that are available in OCPP 2.0.1 to communicate price and cost information to the customer. It continues with an explanation how something similar can be achieved with OCPP 1.6 by creating custom extensions. The special section ‘Checklist Items Requiring Attention’ summarizes the items for which no direct support exists in OCPP and offers alternative solutions. The Appendix of the note – ‘Relevant Requirements per Section’ – lists all requirements from the checklist that are relevant to OCPP. 

You can download ‘OCPP & California Pricing Requirements’ here.

Since tariffs can potentially be quite complex with prices depending on things like time of day, power, amount of energy and type of contract, OCPP 2.0.1 has adopted the approach of letting the CSMS (Central System) calculate the cost and communicate this to the Charging Station. OCPP 1.6 does not provide any support for the communication of cost or prices. ‘OCPP & California Pricing Requirements’ deals with this subject and the differences between the two versions, including solutions for implementation.


The National Conference on Weights and Measures in the USA has issued a document. [1: NCWM Publication No.14, National Type Evaluation Program: Technical Policy Checklists and Test Procedures, draft 201902] with checklists and test procedures for electric vehicle fueling systems, which has been adopted by the California Division of Measurement Standards (DMS). Many requirements in the checklists apply to capabilities of the Charging Station (e.g. having a display or how to display prices), but in some cases it poses requirements to information that is being exchanged between Charging Station and CSMS (Central System).

For more information, please check out the recording of the OCA Webinar about 'OCPP & California Pricing Reguirements' 



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