New version of the OCPP Compliance Testing Tool

New version of the OCPP Compliance Testing Tool

We’re proud to announce that the new version of the OCPP Compliance Testing Tool for OCPP 1.6 is released! This tool can be used to self-test OCPP implementations for OCPP version 1.6 compliance. The tool supports both SOAP and JSON and can be used to test a Charging Station Management System (Central System) and Charging Station. This new version contains new (non-core) scenarios and bugfixes.

What’s new

New (non-core) scenarios:

  • Reservation
  • Local Authorization List
  • Remote Trigger
  • Smart Charging
  • Authorization Cache
  • Data Transfer
  • Diagnostics
  • Firmware Management


  • Test case document
    • For Charging Station 93 test cases
    • For Central System 61 test cases
  • User manual (Continuous Integration included)
  • Installation manual

Additionally we included Continuous Integration functionality, so this version enables you to run one or more tests automatically (without user intervention).

All test cases can be tested with happy as well as non-happy flows. The OCPP Compliance Testing Tool development has been funded by OCA and its members. The tool has been validated against different 1.6 implementations in the field.


  • The tool can be used for conformance testing
  • The tool can be used for test automation (Continuous Integration)
  • The tool can be used for validation of OCPP 1.6 implementations
  • The tool makes implementing OCPP 1.6 much easier
  • The tool helps with integrating OCPP 1.6 implementations of different vendors
  • The tool will also be used in the future certification program. You can use the tool to validate your implementation before you apply for OCPP 1.6 certification at a designated test lab

You can download the leaflet about the OCPP Compliance Testing Tool here.

For more information please contact the Open Charge Alliance:

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