OCPP 1.6 Plugfest July 23 & 24

OCPP 1.6 Plugfest July 23 & 24

On behalf of the Open Charge Alliance we would like to invite you to the 4th OCPP1.6 Plugfest. This two day event will be hosted by ElaadNL in Arnhem, The Netherlands on the 23rd and 24th of July.

You can participate with your OCPP1.6 Charge Point (Charging Station) and Central System (Charging Station Management System) and you can join either remotely or on site in Arnhem.
By participating in this event your organization can test its OCPP1.6 implementation with many different partners. Additionally you will have the opportunity to test your implementation with the OCTT (OCPP Compliance Test Tool), to check your implementation regarding OCPP1.6 conformance. Both the interoperability testing and the conformance testing will give you a great opportunity to prepare for the upcoming OCPP1.6 Certification Program that will open this fall. Participating in this OCPP1.6 Plugfest is free of charge.

About the OCPP1.6 Certification Program

To help the market in adopting interoperable and OCPP1.6 compliant systems, OCA is developing an OCPP1.6 Certification Program. Independent Testing Laboratories will offer test services to vendors, providing an OCPP1.6 compliant test report to vendors. OCA participants can join the Compliance Working Group and actively contribute to the certification program and the development of test procedures. The OCPP1.6 Certification Program opening is planned for this fall, with Test Laboratories in North America, Europe and Asia.

Registration for the OCPP1.6 Plugfest

If you would like to participate, please provide the following information to info@openchargealliance.org

  • Name(s) and contact details of person(s) attending
  • Whether you are participating with a Charging Station or a Central System
  • Whether your implementation is based on SOAP or JSON
  • Whether you have implemented the OCPP1.6 Security White Paper
  • Whether you are participating remotely or on site in Arnhem
  • Whether you want to run your implementation against the OCTT to check for conformance

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Plugfest! If you have any questions, please contact us at info@openchargealliance.org.

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