OCPP 2.0 Plugfest 2019

OCPP 2.0 Plugfest 2019

Are you actively implementing OCPP 2.0 or parts of the specification? Are you interested in its possibilities, security standards, ISO 15118 or Smart Charging? Do you want to meet and talk to developers and specialists from all over the world? During the OCPP 2.0 Plugfest, we want to help you get to the next level.

When: 5th and 6th of February 2019, at ElaadNL in Arnhem.

What: This event brings together companies from the Open Charge Alliance community and their technology experts to conduct OCPP 2.0 conformance and interoperability tests. This is a hands-on event digging deep into implementing, supporting and testing OCPP 2.0. You can join this event even if you only have some basic use cases implemented.

Why: This Plugfest delivers a unique opportunity for your company to:

  • Participate in tests on-site and evaluate communication between Charging Station and Charging Station Management System;
  • Take a deep dive in OCPP 2.0 together with OCPP 2.0 experts and perfect your implementation.

Registration for the OCPP2.0 Plugfest 2019:

  • If you want to join, please register by sending an e-mail to info@openchargealliance.org, stating:
    • Your contact details;
    • If you are joining with a Charging Station (or a module) or a Charging Station Management System implementation;
    • The number of persons attending;
    • What use cases you want to test.

This event will be open for all OCPP 2.0 developers, OCA and Non-OCA members.

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