OCPP 2.0 Plugfest big hit at the Global EV Charging Test

OCPP 2.0 Plugfest big hit at the Global EV Charging Test

Thank you for two days of fun and feedback!

It was fun, it was interesting and it was very useful; the Open Charge Alliance can look back on a great edition of our OCPP 2.0 Plugfest at the Global EV Charging Test. The event combined the testing of OCPP with tests regarding ISO15118, Smart Charging and many more aspects of charging EV’s in the future.

On November 15 and 16 we were joined by 15 companies in our OCA/Plugfest tent at the ElaadNL test site. Everyone got a chance to hook up their Charging Station or Central System OCPP 2.0 implementation to test with each other. During the event each company was able to test their complete implementation which gave them a really good in-depth view on the quality of their product. With the information the gathered, they can now make their implementation even better and more reliable on interoperability. In two productive days all the companies tested in a Round-Robin approach, in 2 hour test slots.

The tests gained much attention from many observers walking around during the Plugfest. Our OCA technical experts were available to answer any questions and support the testers with testing. We also learned from our testing companies; clarifications and recommendations were given that helps us to improve the specification to make it even better. We’ve got a lot of positive feedback on the specification itself too. The main message was: it is easy to read and it has a clear structure. And that is, with 400 pages of complex data, a very big compliment :-)

It was great to see that already so many companies are busy implementing OCPP 2.0, even though it was only released in April this year.

 Are you joining us OCPP 2.0 Plugfest event next year?

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