OCPP 2.0.1 Release Candidate available

OCPP 2.0.1 Release Candidate available

The Open Charge Alliance (OCA) has released the first release candidate for OCPP 2.0.1. The very popular open standard communication protocol for Charging Stations and Charging Station Management Systems is being updated to OCPP 2.0.1!

OCPP 2.0 was launched in April 2018 and it has been downloaded, shared and implemented by thousands of users since. Multiple parties have contributed to OCPP 2.0.1 specification by sharing their experiences and implementations. Together with these developers, OCA-participants and other researchers and testers, we will update the specification with this maintenance release: OCPP 2.0.1.

Improvements from the field

In the past 20 months, the number of OCA-members has grown to more than 150 participants. Members and non-members have participated in five very successful OCPP 2.0 Plugfests. OCA is very lucky to have such an enthusiastic and like-minded group of supporters.

OCPP 2.0.1 incorporates improvements for things found in the first implementations of OCPP 2.0 during Plugfests and in the field. Improvements have been made in the area of security, ISO 15118, smart charging and the extensibility of OCPP. A better explanation of the Device Model has been added as well as several other improvements. No new functionality will be added in this release.

We hope to release the final release of OCPP 2.0.1 at the end of March 2020. When OCPP 2.0.1 is finalized it will replace OCPP 2.0. As some of the improvements are on message level, we had to increase the version number of OCPP to 2.0.1.

You can find the OCPP 2.0.1 release candidate at the download section of our website.

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