Plugfest 2019: two days of OCPP 2.0 testing

Plugfest 2019: two days of OCPP 2.0 testing

The Open Charge Alliance can look back on another great edition of our OCPP 2.0 Plugfest. The event consisted of testing OCPP 2.0 implementations made by different participants. The Open Charge Alliance wanted to cover all the important functional blocks from the specification. Tests included functionality regarding ISO15118, Smart Charging, Device Model and many more aspects of charging EV’s in the future.

Open_Charge_Alliance_050219_19On February 5 and 6 we were joined by 8 companies on our OCA/Plugfest 2019 testing ground at the ElaadNL office. Everyone got a chance to hook up their Charging Station or Central System OCPP 2.0 implementation to test with eachother. During the event each company was able to test their complete implementation which gave them a really good in-depth view on the quality of their product. In two productive days all the companies tested in a Round-Robin approach, in 2 hour test slots.

We were able to cover a lot of use cases from OCPP 2.0 and we covered all OCPP 2.0 important functional blocks during this test event. We found some recommendations to improve the specification, that make this event very useful as input for the Technology Working Group. 

It was great to see that these enthusiastic companies are implementing OCPP 2.0 and helping the Open Charge Alliance improve the specification.

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