Plugfest @ Global EV Charging Test

Plugfest @ Global EV Charging Test

November 15 & 16

Global EV Charging Test featuring the OCPP 2.0 Plugfest!

ElaadNL HQ in Arnhem The Netherlands

 2018 is the year in which the Open Charge Alliance launched the new OCPP 2.0. Since its inception many OCA partners and developers around the world are implementing the new specifications into their Charging Stations and CS Management Systems.

Are you actively implementing OCPP 2.0 or parts of the specification? Are you interested in its possibilities, security standards, ISO 15118 or Smart Charging? Do you want to meet and talk to developers and specialists from all over the world?

During the OCPP 2.0 Plugfest, we want to help you get to the next level. During this Plugfest we will test different CSMS implementations against different Charging Station implementations. OCA members and partners will be provided with expert assistance and the use of a wide range of testing tools.

Do you want to participate? Please contact us.

Global EV Charging Test

The OCPP 2.0 Plugfest will be held together with Europe’s first edition of the CCS & ISO 15118 International Testing Symposium and a variety of lectures, workshops and events at the Global EV Charging Test. Parallel to our Plugfest, participants can visit the symposium lectures and meet a global network of experts regarding the ISO standard 15118. ElaadNL is hosting this symposium and the Open Charge Alliance oversees the OCPP 2.0 Plugfest.

More information about this event will be provided within the next few weeks, but we can say for sure that it will be big, bold and beautiful! Please check out our websites regularly and contact us if you want to join the Symposium and Plugfest as a visitor, a participant or if you have some great ideas regarding OCPP and this event.

The event will be open for all OCPP 2.0 developers, OCA and Non-OCA members.

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