SmartCharge by Meshcrafts AS is now OCPP 1.6 Certified

SmartCharge by Meshcrafts AS is now OCPP 1.6 Certified

The Open Charge Alliance want to congratulate Meshcrafts AS for obtaining their OCPP 1.6 certification!

With the certification, their product SmartCharge, proves itself as a solid implementation of OCPP 1.6 that future acquirers can rely on. 

The full certification can be found here.

About Meshcrafts AS

Meshcrafts with the product SmartCharge, is a digital software supplier to EV operators and service providers, accelerating the plug-in EV industry’s dynamic and continuous transformation. The company’s intelligent cloud-based platform spans EV operations, energy management, extensive billing capabilities, home, public and workplace charging.

Based in Oslo, Norway, Meshcrafts’s team of EV experts serve customers currently in 5 countries and growing fast. We provide our solutions to network operators and providers with a scalable, hardware-agnostic platform, generating profits for the largest charging networks and new market entrants. Today, SmartCharge manages thousands of EV chargers, which are used by more than 50,000 EV drivers monthly.

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