Using OCPP with CHAdeMO - new white paper available

Using OCPP with CHAdeMO - new white paper available

The CHAdeMO Association and the Open Charge Alliance are very proud to present our joint white paper ‘Using OCPP with CHAdeMO’. The white paper is the result of an extensive collaboration in a joint working group and it describes how two protocols – CHAdeMO and OCPP – can work together to charge a vehicle. The white paper is now available for download.

A CHAdeMO charging station "speaks" CHAdeMO to the electric vehicle and OCPP to the charging station management system. How do they relate to each other? The new white paper ‘Using OCPP with CHAdeMO’ provides a translation table for the terminology used in both protocols and a set of diagrams that show the exchange of messages between electric vehicle and charging station on the one hand and charging station and management system on the other hand. It also explains how information from CHAdeMO about the DC charging session in progress can be made available to a charging station management system via the OCPP 2.x device model functionality.

About the protocols

OCPP is a standard communication protocol between a charging station and a charging station management system and it is independent of the type of connection between the charging station and the electric vehicle. CHAdeMO is a standard for the connection between a charging station and an electric vehicle for DC fast charging. As such, these two standards do not overlap. It is the charging station that needs to be able to translate information between these two protocols. This new white paper will give more insight in a combination of them.

You can download the white paper in our download section.

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